NYX Shadow Swatches - My Entire Collection

9:24 PM

Hey all!

I've been working all evening preparing all of my NYX shadows to be swatched for you guys. In total, I counted 67 unique single eyeshadows and 7 trios. 43 of the shadows were of course from the NYX lot sale as well as 5 of the trios. I know I had a tough time finding swatches online when I went to buy mine so I thought it would be helpful swatching the ones I had for you guys. This took a lot of time and energy so I would appreciate it if you would please not post these anywhere without my permission. ;)

These are mostly in numerical order, with a couple accident exceptions. I used a thin layer of UDPP as a base. If these swatches aren't perfect, I apologize as I swatched them all with q-tips for sanitary reasons in case I sell them.

Okay, here goes! My favorites have a * beside them. To be fair, I haven't tried a lot of these out on my eyes yet so there are colors I love that aren't starred!


*01 black, 02 white, 06 dark brown, 08 october sky, *19 flamingo

*24 herb, 30 khaki, 36 chocolate, *37 sweet lagoon, 39 slate

40 ocean frost, 42 grey, *45 opal, *46 navy, *47 kiwi

50 salmon, *32 purple, 53 velvet blue, *54 hot cherry, 56 ocean

58 peach, 59 hot pink, 60 aqua, 62 space, 63 platinum silver

65 red bean, 66 luster, 67 shimmer, *68 golden orange, 72 walnut bronze

75 jazzy bronze, 77 aqua marine, 78 beanie, 80 mink brown, *101 mermaid green

82 jade, 83 skin, 84 toffee, *85 sunset, *87 lime juice

88 algae, *90 apricot moose, *93 atlantic, *104 star, 106 golden dune

*107 vanilla sky, *116 wild fire, *119 cream cheese, *122 morocco, 128 karet

129 mediterranean, 130 wild flower, 131 dust, 132 alaska, 133 olive green

134 cedar wood, *136 almond, *140 snow cone, *143 eggplant, 145 marrakesh

*146 egg white, 147 pink oleander, 150 eutopia, 151 earthy, 153 ballerina

155 halaiwa


*12 golden/rust/walnut bronze

*34 team spirit

02 baby pink/barely there/cotton candy

26 velvet blue/ocean frost/space

28 princess pink/flamingo/violet

29 white/tropical/silver

30 baby pink/white pearl/baby blue

WAAAH, swatch attack!!! Look how pretty and pigmented they are!

Okay, hope that helps everyone interested in NYX shadows. Please let me know what your favorite NYX shadow color is in the comments, even if I haven't swatched it here. I'd love to know what you like, and if there are any more I should get!


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  1. Wow, it's like patchwork (the very last image) So cool...

    Hiiii, I've been a reader of your blog for a year now. I love your blog to bits! You're so gorgeous!

  2. wow! that is so nice of you to take all the effort to these swatches! I'm sure it'll be helpful for people who plan to purchase. I bought NYX before without much swatches on line and it is tooooo difficult to decide!!!!

  3. I like wild fire, sweet lagoon and eutopia...I don't own any of those though...

  4. love the patchwork :) such pretty colors! thanks for the swatches, was thinking about getting me a few more and this helped my decisions.

  5. Wow, thanks so much for the swatches! I'm sure these will be really helpful to a lot of people. I'm definitely using them to make a shortlist of NYX shadows. Thanks so much!

  6. you should be their spokesperson! i only recently started reading your blog but you've totally turned me on to nyx comsmetics!! i'm a big fan of mermaid green and eggplant. thanks for doing all of the swatches! i'll be looking for them!

  7. Hi Jen, it is me again :D
    btw, i am not sure if this happens to you but i actually have a really tiny lids. Only when my eyes 1/4 open then you can see the lids. So when i use the eye tape, it covered the real lids and make a new one. What happen is, every morning my eyes would puff like a fish with no lids at all. I have to wait for hours until it goes away. So im not sure, am i using the wrong tape, is that an irritation or what.

  8. Kay: Do you remove the tape at night? This sounds like the allergic reaction I had to Eyetalk glue. My eyes don't get super puffy in the mornings from wearing tape.

    I think you should probably switching your brand of tape. You are probably allergic to the one you use.

  9. Haha, I like how multicoloured your arm looks after all the swatching. I think my favourite would be Morocco eyeshadow, I don't think I've ever seen that colour being sold in stores near me though.

  10. hey jen i know this's completely off the topic of the post, but can you tell me what kind of bangs you have in this pic? (i'm thinking about getting them)

    thanks so much!

  11. woah,you've got a lot of nyx dear. haha thanks for posting up all the swatches :)

  12. wow! thanks for the swatches. been thinking of getting more nyx shadows since i find them very pigmented. I only have one trio eyeshadow in lake moss. First on my list is morocco. haha

  13. i love it, jen! i've been a silent reader, but i must say i really do love your blog. you're beautiful, your makeup's beautiful, and this blog is beautiful... i love your optimism, as well! keep it up!<33

  14. had to say a big THANKS for the nyx swatches. i'm not planning a nyx haul yet, but this will definitely come in handy when i do ^^

  15. Thanks Jen, I'll look for some other brand and hopefully it'll do better.

  16. have you tried the jumbo eyeshadow pencils? i only have yogurt & french fries but i LOVE both of them. i have a couple of the trios (i've heard the singles are much better but i also heard once you work past the top layer the trios become more pigmented) but i prefer my pencils. they work really well covering tape for double eyelids as well (the creamy texture sticks to the tape better & fills in the lil crevices of the tape, making it blend in better).

  17. nailpolishfiend: Hmm...I'm not sure exactly what to call it. Maybe piecey bangs that hang a bit in front of your eyes? I call it "my choppy, side-swept bangs were cut too short at the hairdresser and this is what it looked like after a week and a half". LOL! I just styled my choppy bangs with a tiny bit of texturizing paste. :)

    Anonymous: I have cream cheese, pots and pans, and oyster jumbo shadow pencils but I really use them mostly as tearduct highlighters and eyeshadow base. I personally think it reflects a lot of light on the tape and I prefer mine to be a bit matte. Maybe I don't have the right colors! I'm glad it works for you though. Maybe you can give me color recommendations. :)

  18. wow! all those swatches! It really does help. I have morroco and I love it...I think it's my fave nyx eyeshadow. I like eggplant and rust as well.

  19. i haven't tried it with my yogurt jumbo pencil but i loved how my french fries pencil turned out. i first put on a layer of french fries on my eyelid and then i put the tape on and put another layer of french friends on top of the tape. i tried putting just yogurt over the tape without putting it under the tape as well and it didn't work too well. the edges of the tape wouldn't get covered up and it just looked awkward. if the tape doesn't stay well on top of the eyeshadow i like to put a sheer layer of eyelid glue where i want the tape to go(i used darkness) and wait for it to get tackier and then i stick the tape on top. it makes the tape stay in place much better. and i have oily lids so i have to use glue with my tape whether it's under the tape or over the tape (or both!) or the tape will slide positions on my eyelids during the day and mess up my crease & be very obvious as well.

  20. this is amazing!! thank you :)

  21. Wow! Your last image looks sooo cool ~^_^~ That's an awesome collection! NYX eyeshadows look very pigmented. Maybe I'll try it out. I'm just not bold enough to try colourful shadows yet, only neutral colors for now =)

  22. Volcano is beautiful. It is a nice brown but has a plummy- purple look to it, too.

  23. Wow, your favorite ones are some of my favorite ones too! The flamingo and morocco are gorgeous colors. I've been trying to find the princess pink/flamingo/violet trio one so that I could depot and fit in my Mac palette, but I can't find it any stores or the Nyx website. I think they must have discontinued it =(

  24. Would you know which NYX colors would be good dupes for the UD Naked (original) palette? That would be awesomely helpful!