Happy Easter! New Shop Items!

6:09 PM

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a lovely day with family, friends, or just by yourself. I had a wonderful time celebrating the day at the in-laws' home with a great lunch (homemade asian salad with mandarin oranges and toasted almonds. fried chicken. fresh fruit. mashed potatoes. corn. droooool.) and a mid-day nap to digest the yummy yummies.

I got my haircut yesterday so I will have pics of soon of that. It's so crazy how a haircut can either make you feel awful for the rest of the day (or week) or it can make you feel awesome. Thankfully, this was an awesome haircut. My head feels so light and airy even though I didn't get any length cut except maybe 1 inch to take off split ends. I just love how healthy it feels now. Good times.

Another awesome thing this weekend was an awesome trip to an awesome university to celebrate my bff Megan's White Coat Ceremony. She will officially be a vet in 1 year. Congratulations Megan! You are so wonderful and intelligent and awesome! I am so proud of you. :)

While in town, I happened to randomly stop by a "beauty wholesale" store and picked up some beautiful Essie polishes that were on sale. This is St. Barths Blue, Chastity, and Who's She Red. Forgive my crappy photo, but more beautiful swatch photos will come in the future.

I thought the light blue was gorgeous and perfect for Easter. It is like a paler version of the recent promo's Sag Harbor. Pale, greyed-blue with a bit of silver shimmer. Kind of a goopy formula, but my trusty Seche Vite topcoat smoothed out even the very worst of it.

By the window:

And here is my festive Konadicure. I used white Heaven polish for the lace pattern from m71 and my Sally Hansen Chrome polish for the bunny from m30.

Speaking of bunnies and lace, I put a whole bunch of new cosmetic items in the shop today including many from the recent NYX haul. For those of you who are overseas or don't have access to NYX, here is your chance to try some of their products. Just click the "SHOP" icon at the top. If you don't see this, reload the blog at http://www.frmheadtotoe.com.

I'm going to eat a late dinner now and hope work this week will go well after my mini-vacation!


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  1. Happy Easter!! Don't you just love a good hair cut?? My last hair cut the girl chopped it pretty good, which probably explains why I haven't gotten it cut in about 3 months.. ekkk lol

  2. Oooh, nice haul. I love Essie polishes. =) And can't wait to see your haircut! :D

  3. I just got a couple of Essie's so I'm going to test them out soon and compare them to OPI! Oh, and I was about to get the NYX falsies but then I found out that shipping costs $10...I've never had to pay that much for cosmetics before!

  4. hey jen, im just wondering ... doesnt your nails gets damaged if you use nail polish remover to get rid of the polish? is there any product that you use to maintain healthy nails or u just use the remove and then wash ur hands?


  5. like your nails
    especially love the cute bunny on your thumb nail! =)

  6. Cupcake Couture: I do love good haircuts! I do the same thing as you but worse. I don't get my hair cut for months and months. :P

    Catherine: Thanks! These are my first Essies. The colors are so pretty!

    Rachel: Let me know your opinion of which is better. So far, both OPI and Essie hasn't exactly been mind-blowing for me but we'll see. Can't judge a whole brand by one bottle! And yeah, NYX has expensive shipping but worth it if you really need/want a huge lot.

    Cindy: Some removers are worse than others. I think mine says it is conditioning but it also has acetone. Non-acetone removers just don't work! I don't do anything special for my nails...I do get chips and peeling at the ends so I keep them this short pretty much all the time. My nails are naturally long at the tips (underside where the skin attaches is at or above my finger) so it doesn't get too bad.

    sugartopping: haha, thank you! the bunny looks so hilarious in real life. cheers me up. :)

  7. Hi Jen,
    I have two requests: Could you do a review on bronzers? (like how to find the perfect shade for Asian skin, how to apply, etc.)
    Also, I really really love seeing pictures of your outfits, and would love to see more fashion-related entries in the future. Your sense of fashion is truly inspiring.
    Keep up the great work! :)