Saturday, January 30, 2010

Squirrel Tutorial. Just kidding, he interrupted it! =^.^=

Still sick and really getting better for real! But no tutorials again. I have something EVEN BETTER!

When I was recording my everyday neutral look, I heard a noise by my porch and lo and behold there was a squirrel digging in the snow. And I caught him on hidden camera. puahaha~

LAWL, I realized google image searching "squirrel" is the best and most important thing I've done in the past week so I am going to share my excellent finds. Prepare yourselves for awesomeness.

Ok, since that is random, I also wanted to let you know that I made a big list of things I still need to post about. And the list is long. So long, I'm not going to post it here lest I hyperventilate with anxiety. XD

I only coughed like 1/10 that I did yesterday! So more real posts will be coming soon, I promise.

Lots of love. <3<3<3

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Camera Comparison Fun: Snapshot vs. DSLR

Just because I've been starting each entry lately with an update on my hacking and wheezing, I just wanted to let you guys know that yes, I am still sick. I like to think that the coughs have become less frequent (do I sound like a broken record?) but I guess I deserve it since I haven't been this sick in a while. Better to cough for a month than have the flu, M I RITE?

Just because I still don't have much of the cahoots to post about actual things going on lately, here are more backlogged photos. As many of you know, I bought a Canon XSi Rebel DSLR back on Black Friday. I've had a lot of questions about it from people wanting to know the difference in quality and if it's worth it so I thought I would post some photos that are straight-from-the-camera quality. The only thing I've done is resized and added my watermark. That means no retouch, adjusting lighting, color correcting, nothing. My DSLR is set to take pics in JPEG so I'll show you what it spits out.

First up, these are test shots that I did using my Sony Cybershot T-90. It's a camera I bought last year and it's what I use to record my HD tutorial vids.

And here are the test pics:

Overall, a little cool-toned, a little washed out but not bad quality at all. The auto-detection for settings is almost always spot-on and it seems to take crisper photos than my old OLD Cybershot from 6 years ago. :P

And here, I am using my mom's black Canon XSi with her 15-55mm kit lens. (This was just before I bought my silver XSi, and I have the 50mm 1.8/f lens and the 17-85mm 4.5-6/f lens. But this kit lens is really nice! I recommend it.)

And the test pics:

Wow, can you say color? Obviously the Canon XSi has really excellent color output, even in the cooler lighting of my West-facing window. There's just something about DSLR photos that seem so much more... REAL. There's just that much more depth to each photo and more emotion behind it. Pretty magical.

Oh, and just because I know I'll get asked, I think I'm wearing NYX Fusion lipstick here, but I'm not 100% sure. These were taken when I had gotten home from a little shoot that I'll post pics of next time. I'm also doing my favorite layering-falsies trick (longer criss-cross lashes with shorter, voluminous Sugar cosmetics lashes.)

And yes, my bangs do grow crazy fast. But these pics were taken November 7th when I still had short bangs. ;D

K, time for rest. Night!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Updated a few Youtube Videos

Hey guys! As you may already know, I recently took a few youtube videos down from my channel to rework them. Just wanted to share the few that I have up again. Since all of my views and comments were lost, I would appreciate any comments and ratings you'd be willing to give. 

Click to visit my youtube channel. :]

Drumroll, please!


Asian Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Japanese Style Curls Hair Curling Tutorial

Hello Kitty Nail Art Tutorial 

Mineral Makeup Basic Foundation Application Tutorial

I apologize for the less-than-HD quality of some of the older vids since they were taken with my ancient camera, but I hope that you can still find them helpful! 

Also, thank you so much for your well-wishes. I have worked SO much overtime this week and I finally got to rest today. I literally stayed in bed until 3pm, drinking Boost, reading, and sleeping, which was lovely! The coughs are still there but seem to be less frequent than before. I'm hoping one more day with lots of naps will prepare me for the coming week. :)

Hope you all are getting lots of rest too!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Smokey Eyes FOTD and Crazy Days

Woooooooooooooow, am I sick of being sick! Coughing, hacking, wheezing, and now my jaw is starting to hurt from all the coughing force too. :[

On top of that, I've been working on some heavy-hitting projects at work that are making me stay overtime every day this week. I didn't get to leave the office until around 7:30 pm tonight, then I had the hour drive home so I couldn't even eat dinner until late. I've been feeling very underslept and overworked lately which is tough. I'll probably make this entry short to compensate, so I'm very sorry about it (and also for my whining). If my postings in the next week are a little more sparse than usual then you now know the reason. I've tried to work on editing a couple vids to hold you guys over but for now I just have some older pics that somehow didn't get pushed to the priority of postings in the last couple of months.

Feel free to notice hilarious things such as:
1. short bangs. basically, I have magic hair that grows backwards and also these pics are 3 months old. :P
2. leggings. it hasn't been warm enough to wear leggings here since 3 months ago, unless they are under my jeans.
3. smoky eyes, AGAIN and so soon! i'm sick, throw me a bone kthnx.
4. pics taken pre-dslr. sorry for the crappier quality.

I can't remember every product I used, but I'm pretty sure it was my very favorite Stila Barbie All Doll'd Up Palette, using the purple, navy blue, and the glowy beige (bottom left in example) as highlight.


In better lighting so you can see the purple better. Upper lid had purple all over, then the navy lightly as contour. Bottom lash line was just purple itself. I think lips were Dior Creme de Gloss in Creamy Gold. Oh, and DSK moonlight heart necklace. :D

And here is my outfit. Cropped leopard hoodie - Express via TJ Maxx, sweater dress - Abercrombie kids, waffle-knit long sleeve - Forever 21,  flutter miniskirt - Abercrombie kids, leggings - Target, metallic slouch boots - JC Penny

I'm such a layers kinda gal but what can I say? I'm always cold! I'd normally give more lessons about proportions, but suffice it to say that my legs are elongated here because of the high waist.

Okay, gotta go cuddle up with some Sleepytime Tea and get to bed for real but before I leave I did want to put in a warning that my domain will be transferring to a new host tomorrow so if the site goes in and out, that's why. I really hope this will solve all of the weird problems people have been having with not being able to see the blog. ^.^

If you feel moved, please leave a comment with your best trick for helping a deep cough that won't seem to go away. ;)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Everyday Makeup Look Video Tutorial

Hello everyone! I'm still sick but I'm chugging along as best as I can, trying to get lots of rest. Somehow, my body seems to decide when that is for me. Last night after dinner (with 2 friends over) I totally passed out on the couch for over 3 hours. So basically, I am the best host there is. :P

I love that what I do best when I am home sick is make videos. I cut out all the bloopers of coughing because I love you 'sumuch. Please disregard any zits, as always, because my skin went all unhappy with me again probably because I've been sick for so long and the weather hasn't gone above freezing for the last 3 weeks.

Something tells me I need a hydrating mask. Sasa, you hear me? Why is my order not here yet! I need those My Beauty Diary Masks pronto!

Anyway, here's the vid. My current everyday makeup tutorial. Pretty simple, quick, and easy.

Products used:  

Skin79 DermaRX bb cream Lancome Photogenic Concealer in Camee
Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush in Call Me

Too Faced Shadow Insurance NYX Single Eyeshadows in Flamingo and Almond MAC eyeshadow in Shroom MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil liner in Yeyo Wonder Eyelid Tape Shiseido Eyelash Curler Fairy Drops Mascara Anastasia Brows in Bloom palette in Brunette

Dior Creme De Gloss in Creamy Gold

I also recorded a tutorial on curling your hair with a flat iron on the same day, so I only have "final look" pics with curly hair.

The Final Look

Now, with extra-glowing action!

Oh, and a close-up on my DSK Pegasus necklace. I didn't mean to take this picture like this, which is why my mouth is hanging open but I think it turned out accidentally sexy which is kinda cool I guess.

Okay that's all. Going to rest now, maybe. Hair curling tutorial will come soon-ish. <3

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help Haiti

Photo: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters/Corbis

Not to sound like a broken record of everything on the news lately, but I thought I would quickly put in a word about what's going on in the world. As I've always said, real beauty comes from within and there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than helping others. (I know, I know, cheesy and probably the same words as on every beauty blog but I do mean that from the heart.)

After the devastation from a giant 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, the whole country is basically wrecked and in need of our help. I can't even begin to comprehend the death toll and brokenness on the streets. Reports say that it looks like bombs after WWII because of the shattered roads and collapsed buildings. Even small donations could help the lives of thousands of people!  Sometimes we live in our safe little lives and forget that there are people who could use a few bucks more than we could use that new lipgloss.

I'm not saying that I'm trying to guilt trip anyone, but plain and simple, those who REALLY have less right now could use a little help from those who have something to give.

Lookee, technology even made it easy for us to be helpful! In the comfort of our own homes, we can donate to the American Red Cross ( by texting "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10 which will go directly from our phone bills.

Another easy way to donate includes texting YELE to donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund (

Here is a list of additional reputable charities to donate for Haiti earthquake relief.

Frankly, we could benefit from a little more love and a giving heart in this world. :)

EDIT: I just received an e-mail from a girl who told me about a smaller organization who could use help as well. Here is an article about donating to Matenwa, a community learning center on an nearby island to Port Au Prince. The community has been deeply affected by the earthquakes as well and aren't getting reached by the larger organizations. It seems legit to me, so if you'd like your donations to go to a smaller community to make a bigger impact, please help support Matenwa.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ask me anything!

EDIT: Hey guys, thank you so much for being so generous in asking lots of questions. ^^ I just wanted to say that if you have specific personal questions about my local area or things like that, please feel free to send me an e-mail at as I have no way to contact you or know who you are on the formspring page. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FYI: Youtube Channel reworking vids

Hey guys, just wanted to quickly let you know that I'm reworking the vids in my youtube channel so I'll be taking a few videos down.

Keep your eyes open cause most will be up again soon!


ps- feel free to subscribe to my channel if you haven't yet. I'll update when I do re-upload old videos so watch my Twitter page to know when that will happen!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder Review

Woohoo! So excited because I checked the mail today and lookie what came! My Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder from Hautelook. :D It's a highlighting powder that's had so many rave reviews everywhere I googled.

If you guys haven't heard of Kevyn Aucoin before, he is was (omg, so saaad! he passed away in 2002. T.T) a celebrity makeup artist who is especially well-known for the makeup artistry books he wrote including Making Faces and Face Forward.

I actually own both books  and they are beautifully photographed and chock full of great makeup tips for everyday to theatrical, and I personally appreciated his knowledge of working with all races and skintones. He even brought up the issue with Asian eyebrows being all sparse and growing in two different directions! (Up before the arch, and downward past the arch, have you guys noticed that? Drives me batty!)

Knowing that he has such a gorgeous way of applying makeup made me feel confident that his cosmetic products would also be up to par. Since his line is rather pricey, I was excited to see Hautelook sell his stuff since I had such good luck with the Rock & Republic blush I had bought there before. I've been looking for a warm-toned highlighting powder to get that "candlelit glow" that is missing from my NYX Highlighter moisac powder. This Celestial Powder piqued my interest and at $16.80 (compared to the original $42) it was a steal for such a high-quality item!

Here is the simple but attractive packaging.

Up-close and in sunlight, you can see a hint of shimmer but no glitters. A nice, peachy-beige shade.

Swatched on my hand: left is applied with the supplied brush, and right is a swipe with my finger

Again, this really shows off in the sunlight. It's so finely milled that it glows.

And here is how it looks on my cheeks. It definitely shows but the effect is subtle and pure. Really lovely and it photographs so well! I can't wait to try it out some more but I already have a feeling I'm going to love it to bits! (Rest of the makeup is my everyday look. Tutorial soon!)

I tried looking this up on Sephora and I guess it's not on there anymore, but you can find it on Amazon or hopefully Hautelook if it comes around again next time. ;)

Speaking of Hautelook, you all probably know I'm a huge fan since they really seem to do kinda ridiculous short-term sales. If you haven't signed up already, here is my invite:
Note: Hautelook does give credit to the inviter after the invitee's first purchase, but as always, I only post about it when I actually buy something too. I just can't pass up a good deal! 

Hautelook is also having an Urban Decay sale starting Wednesday!!! OMG, my wallet. T.T 

I have my fingers crossed that they have my favorite 24/7 pencil liners. I really want a full-size of the Navy color, Binge, since navy liner makes the whites of your eyes look whiter. I've been really needing that lately! :D

Let me know if you guys score anything and I'll do the same!

EDIT: Okay, so I just found this coupon code in my e-mail. It's for $10 off any orders of $25 or more on hautelook from now until Saturday, 1/16/10! Code: HL2010     Yay for codes! \o/

Friday, January 8, 2010

Join me on Blogtv tomorrow night!

I'll be on Blogtv Saturday January 9th, 2010 at 6pm central time, so come say hello!

Follow me on Twitter for the exact announcement:

See you there!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Skincare Update and Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel Review

I've been meaning to do a bit of a skincare update recently since I haven't for quite a while. Not a lot has changed since I last posted my Summer routine here except that I've been using Dove Deep Moisture Facial Lotion and Re-10 facewash, day and night. I can't use oil-free lotions during the Winter because my skin will get flakey from dryness. I've also started using the Differin Gel 0.3% instead of my previous 0.1% cream, which is a decision made after the dermatologist visit a couple months ago since my skin never quite struck a good balance after going back to Tri-Sprintec birth control from Yaz.

I think my skin is still in the 3-month stage of getting totally used to this Differin but I think it's starting to calm down again. So far so good, and didn't have as insane breaking out as going from nothing to differin 0.1%. Just occasional random large zits in atypical places like my temple or lower chin.

And here is my naked face. To be sure, this was at a time that I considered my skin to be in a "nice" stage but it was right after I was having my frustrating stage of pretty bad breakouts so you can see the leftover hyperpigmentation on my cheeks especially.

I showed you guys earlier the samples of Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel I got from Eki. She said this stuff was pretty good so I was excited to try it out. Here's a pic of what the full-size product looks like.

And here's what it looks like in real life. It's a clear gel and I only use a tiny amount, like half-a-pea size drop. (I have small fingers so it looks bigger here but it's really just a small drop.)

Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel on my face. I dot it on sections of my freshly washed face then rub it in. It has a slight cooling sensation at first and absorbs very, very quickly. It's matte almost as soon as it touches your skin. It feels nice for me and didn't make my skin tight, but probably not the best if you have drier skin. I moisturize right afterward with my regular facial lotion.

And done! (lol, you can see my eyelids are 짝짝 here. Right is double left is single.)


Okay, here is the evidence. Did it work? After a month of using this at night, here is my bare face:

Yeah, obviously my skin is not perfect (and I don't ever expect it to be) but I was really impressed with how the hyperpigmentation had faded a lot! Also, I think it helped for new acne not to develop in that time. I'm not sure I should give ALL of the credit to the gel since I was also using my Clarisonic at the same time but I think the combo of the two did give me really great results.

Here's "after" with makeup on. Smooth canvas = nice makeup application too. ^o^

My skin RIGHT NOW isn't as good as these pics and I haven't been using the gel as regularly. :P I should get back on that! I want the Cellnique skin back again but I'm scared for my tiny sample to run out! XD All in all, I absolutely do recommend this product and I think I'm going to purchase the full-sized version. You can find Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel here at Cellnique's website.

Disclaimer, I didn't receive this sample from any company and I'm reviewing of my own accord with my 100% honesty as always! :)

Blah, I've been sick these last few days which, if you are already following me on twitter, you've probably heard me lamenting about it! One great thing about being sick though is I've been drowning out the sickness with lots and lots of matcha green tea and chamomile tea with honey. Loves it! ^^ Hope you are all happy and healthier than me! Drink lots of hot tea and stay warm from the chill!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Smokey Eye FOTD

I did this smokey eye look for a photoshoot I did recently for a local mineral makeup company. They had makeup artists but, ya know, I like doing my own makeup. ^^

Sometimes there is no greater critic than yourself and I'm a perfectionist when it comes to blending! I think everyone should at least attempt to do a dark smokey eye on themselves at least a few times. A lot of people are intimidated by smokey eyes but I think most of the time the big issue is the shape that you create that's difficult, not the darkness of color.

It's not my everyday thing but it is a lot of fun! For reference, here is a step-by-step Smokey Eye Tutorial that I did a while back. You can replace the tutorial color for any other color and in this case, I stuck with a midnight blue-charcoal-black palette. Lips are Dior Creme De Gloss in Creamy Gold.

Close-up of the blending:

One trick I love doing on dramatic eyes is doubling my false lashes. In this case, I layered wispy lashes on top of criss-cross ones to get this feathery, volumized effect. Loooooves!

And here are the earrings I was wearing. Adorable purple crystal earrings from He Qi Crystal Designs that I previously mentioned here.

Just being in a silly mood. Here is my friend, Domo the pumpkin. ^o^

His friends :D

Silly, silly

I was telling Eki that I see so many girls who have what I like to call a "camera face" that they use to pose in alllllll their pics. She asked me to show her, so here is my best attempt. LOL! Gangstaaaa... XD (ok, I hope you guys know that I am totally not being serious here!)

Don't believe me? Here is a girl with a serious case of camera face:
Hope you have enjoyed this very educational post. :D

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